Went to the library

June 11, 2006

Today, I went to the local library. I reached there at around 5:00 pm, renewed my membership with $5.00, checked out one book and one audio CD. After that I went to Schlotzsky's Deli and had a pizza.

Last night I went to a local nightclub. I was drinking while a couple of girls started dancing up on a podium in front of me. One of them was petite and very sexy. She was wearing a pink top and very short white skirt. I got a very good upskirt view. She was wearing a tiny thong underneath. I could clearly see her ass cheeks and her cameltoe. I was very turned on to see her. She was dancing very raunchily, raising one of her legs every once in a while. Then she stepped down. Later I saw her dancing with some Chinese guys. She was humping guys and girls alike. She was raising one of her legs again, but this time I couldn't see up her skirt.

The weekend before this I was at the same club and I saw one hot Latino mama. She was wearing orange polo and tight jeans. All the buttons of her t-shirt were unfastened and you could see her cleavage. She had big bonkers for boobs. She was one hell of a hot girl, and for some unknown reason she was staring at me all the time. Whenever I looked at her, she was already looking at me. When I went near her to dance (she was already dancing with someone), she turned back to look at me many times. She even pointed her friend towards me, but her friend was also busy dancing with someone else. I gave up after some time and sat at a stool alongside the dance floor, but she kept staring at me. She was with a big Latin gang, otherwise I would have mustered some courage to ask her phone number. Oh well!!!


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